So you ate a load of scrumschkins

Originally I wasn't going to be working today. As a consequence when I signed up to get involved in Jett Loe's Project X I didn't envisage making a big old drive from Lancaster to Birmingham to perform some of my (frankly quite odd) Modern Art Material. In my imagination it's along the same lines as my Gandhi video, which now has the single highest viewing count of all my YouTube videos. Un-aided by cheeky tags like "Paris Hilton", "Britney Spears Sucking" or "Glastonbury" it has gradually triumphed on its own. Brilliant. It went down like a f#cking flying fish as a piece of stand-up but as a YouTube video it's cooking on extra strong methane gas.

So... I drove down to Birmingham to spend an hour with Jett filming myself infront of a curtain reciting my odd material. My faith in it has been bolstered by a documentary about Gilbert and George that I watched this week. Previously I'd been unaware of their work but I think they've drawn some of the same conclusions as me towards the art world. They're just more eloquent. Me and my mate James saw one of their pieces at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park which I'll reproduce here via a YouTube video:

Brilliant. Seriously, brilliant.

I think I could have been an artist you know. If I'd have had the right training, good fortune, self belief and of course ability. And talent.



Jett Loe said…
Yes, why not be an artist? Not all art is shit ya know.
Nicholarse said…
My finger paintings were great as a kid but I think that's as far as it will ever go.

Lloydd said…
I'd like to go to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park but I'm afraid my car will get c**ted on the way.

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