So you slip inside the eye of the needle and then sit on my mind...

I'm loving my international hit-counter. So far I've had visits from Ukraine, Singapore, Portagul, New Zealand. It's also quite funny in that it bears out my bumblings as regards some of the different areas which make up the people that read this blog. Notice there's a reasonable chunk of hits from America. These readers came in mostly during the wake of the rather odd "meaning of scaramooch" thing that happened a while ago. For some reason I got a load of people landing here on my blog looking for the meaning of "scaramooch". I wrote about it here but I've never sussed out why it suddenly featured so prominently as a search term across the USA. The practical upshot of it was a couple of readers who live in the colonies. Excellent.

Today's show was great fun. The first proper Saturday show* and in many ways the biggest of the two shows I now regularly present on The Bay. Long term I really do have big plans for both of these weekend shows but for the moment I'm just bedding in and letting the audience get to know me a bit. Overall though I think I'm going to enjoy the Saturday one. There was a nice volume of callers today, just people ringing in and saying hello. That's always nice. I'm not quite sure how to record calls yet on The Bay but it's not going to be long until I've sussed it. Then we'll have a load of people on air talking about stuff. It should be good. Like a slightly better version of the old (largely forgotten) Hallam FM show I used to do in the afternoons, pre-talkshow era.

I even had my Dad on, introducing a song for me. Excellent!


*Last week I was doing a live outside broadcast from a Jewelry shop. Jangle Jewelry. It was fun but it didn't feel like a normal show.


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