Sugar goes well with cheese (Sunday)

I'm starting to find my feet a bit now at The Bay. Today I was asking for people to send in sympathy for Paris Hilton after she was sentenced to jail on Friday. What I love is that some people took me seriously but most people got the joke and played along. I think with anything like that you always need at least one person to think you're serious. Which of course I was.

To mark the occasion I've made a YouTube video which in my mind is like a little TV advert for the new show. As a consequence, if you like it, try and circulate it to people. The more people see my little advert the better. I'm hoping to make both my weekend shows on The Bay good solid look-forward-to-listening-to-them shows. For the moment all I need to think about is what's going in them each week so long term I hope to make them really content driven.

Direct link.

The only odd thing about doing my Sunday show is that currently I'm committed to going jogging every morning. I'm on air on Sunday at 6am! This means I'm out jogging at around 4am. And of course, that's f#cking mental.

When I say jogging what I really mean is walking along gasping for air and sweating like a madman. It's much harder than plodding along on a treadmill in a nice warm gym.



lw said…
Jogging in the morning is ace. I love it when it's all quiet and fresh outside.

Sheffield is too hilly though. I leave my house then after a couple of hundred metres, BAM! I get hit by hills on all sides. Eugh :(
jodie said…

jess said…
Nice promo Nick. I heard some of your show on Saturday. You sounded good but not as good as the lovely lady you had on promoting the Jewelry store. She's a natural performer. She's wasting her talents behind a till. She should be performimg Shakespeare at Stratford.
jess said…
Oh yeh, by they way at the end of that promo to plug your show you've put "Sunday 10am -2am " long old shift that....(muppet!)
jess said…
Maybe I'm the muppet ! It was the Saturday times that you muffed up on. Hope you get some hits from the posting I put on DS.Just passing it on ... (bump it now and then ) Where the hell is Lancaster?
Nicholarse said…
Lancaster is in Lancashire!

Thanks for spreading the word Jess.


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