(Sunday) Beat free bacon.

The odd thing about doing a breakfast show is that you forget how much getting up at 4am can tire you out.

On air at 6am this morning so I woke up at 4am. Unfortunately though, this time I couldn't be f#cking ars#d with Tony Robbins and the Hour Of Power cr#p. I just had a little lie in. No power walk. No jogging. Nothing. Just a bit of extra sleep.

As a consequence I was all out of kilter today and I didn't really wake up until about 7.30ish. That's really annoying when you're on air. It means you keep falling foul of the halfway through a sentence stammer. Your brain just freezes up like a computer running Windows XP. It just can't be bothered to process the words your sending out through your mouth. Infuriating.

I remember when I started out in radio listening to "proper" radio presenters and being amazed that even they suffered from it. The spluttering, stop-start, halfwitted I-can't-talk syndrome. Arrgh. I'm getting annoyed just thinking about it.

I'm also exaggerating it a bit. That's the problem with this blog. It's a vent for my neurotic side. I witter on here about things that are annoying me and then later realise I've given people the impression I'm a total c#nt who f#cks up everything he touches. Notice some of the sheer surprise in the comments left after I posted my stand up comedy routine. Half the people there had been indoctrinated for the past few months by this blog to think that I was irredeemably sh#t at stand up. The fact I get any laughs at all is a total shock to them.

Such is the nature of blogs and blogging.

I've often wondered what it would be like if I used this blog to just promote the f#ck out of myself. Say how great I am, over and over again. I think it would become a tedious read but any future employers would be impressed rather than confused by it. On the flip side I've noticed that I get more readers when I pump out despair and gloom.

Later in the day I start to feel really tired. "It doesn't make any sense," I think to myself, "it's not late". But it is, I've been up since 4am. Ruined.



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