(sunday) Over there in the careworn field

I've yet to notice a large number of Bay listeners reading this blog, the majority of readers are from London and Yorkshire. I suspect this will change over time so I've been updating the links in my sidebar. I've removed the link to my old station and put up one to The Bay. I did a jolly good show today so if you are one of the people who heard it, and were treated to my Dad's prediction for the Shrimps's big football game, hello.

As part of the clean up operation I've been checking out some of my favourite sites and, as you'd expect, they're all of them busy hives of activity. Here's what I've found:

Go over to the website Fat-Pie.com and get into the new single by Devvo. If you're over 18. If not don't go there. It's got rude words and stuff and you'll get into trouble. Although I'm not active in the area anymore it's been nothing but exciting watching the Fat-Pie website grow over the years and Devvo's rise is gratifying. I was dissapointed with the Channel 4 stuff, or E4 stuff. They sanitised it too much. Devvo's funny when he's taking horrible drugs and swearing too much. It's an internet thing. TV should chase it, not the other way round. Anyway, go there and get into it. If you're over 18.

Or if you're not feeling the Devvo vibe why not check out Phlegmcomics, there's a new issue out now and the website has been updated as well.

Or, if you're one of the people who read this blog during my 'conspiracy theory era' it might amuse you to hear that there's a mainstream cinema wide release of Loose Change planned for this year. There's a trailer here. It'll be a massive film and I think it'll cause a big storm of controversey. Loose Change III The Final Cut.

While I'm at it, if you want a link from my blog to your website, as long as it's not porn, I'll get one up for you if you leave a note in the comments section.



Neil said…
"POO" - heh!

OK, here's my site if you would be good enough to link to it: http://www.wackyvideos.co.uk/

I know how much a fan you are of 'wackiness' ;) so find it all the more amusing that I chose that name for my little video repository.
Leather Face said…
Been trying to post loads lately but today I've realised I needed to update or upgrade my account for some reason. Oh well not to worry.

Anyways I was wandering if you could put a link on your blog for me? It's a freinds website, one where I had the odd film review too. The site is looking to expand soon. It already has lots of vistors but that's never enough. It is a horror/cult/exploitation film site which as been running since 1999, so it is no "flash in the pan." This site is, The Realm of Horror. It is to be found at http://www.realmofhorror.com or http://www.realmofhorror.co.uk.

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