(Sunday) Squeeze out the brown down

Razorlike... The Artificial Monkeys... Faking Stevens... The Almost Saints... Pink Fraud...

I spent some time in a pub in Manchester with this chap today. We were playing the tribute bands game that geeks often indulge in. Think of a band and come up with a great name for a tribute act that'd do them.

It's actually quite a tricky game.

It also dominates... the conversation... because you keep pausing... to try and think of one... like I am now...

Fake That!*

Then you watch the expressions of your peers as they either all laugh and high five you or go "what? That's stupid!".

It's a tough game. You're really throwing yourself out there. Obviously I've now spent a little time online and found various great tribute band names such as:

Led Zepagain...

The Rolling Clones...


I once saw a Beatles tribute act which was very good. I also once saw some bloke pretending to be George Micheal. His kit wasn't working properly though, so he went from being an odd looking half cousin of George Micheal to being an angry builder with a thick Bolton accent.

"F##kin-- --cropho-- --n't wo-- -- prope-- --No cun-- -- hear -- --ollock-- --this, -- --ff. Fu-- --e lot -- --u you --- ---".

He shouted as he slammed the microphone on the floor and stormed off. People were booing him as he impotently swore at an audience that could hear a word. I think, on balance, he was more fun to watch than The Beatles act.

In other news I've set up a podcast website. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it yet. I'll aim to put some audio up there once a month. It'll be about 20 minutes long each time. The current episode is a test. It's got nothing interesting on there. Feel free to listen to the nothing which isn't intersting and subscribe and stuff. Click here.


*Actually, that's a real one I remembered from our discussion.


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