(Thursday) Chegwin on old used fag ends... in the night... dreaming of truth...

This is quite an arty Monday dog picture. The reason for that is it's a fair few days late as on Monday I was busy getting all excited about my stand up comedy performance on and ended up making a fool of myself by forgetting this holy & sacred feature...

I hope this picture makes up for it. The dog here lives in a bookshop on Morecambe seafront. It was very friendly but reasonably disinterested in people.

I found a very odd website linking to me recently, as a consequence of this feature. It's very odd, I can't work out if it's the real deal or not. Some of those posts read like pay per post* hits. Quite an odd read I'm sure you'll agree.

Today me and my mate Matt Mackay made a pilgrimage to Monkey World. It was Matt's birthday recently and as a present I decided to take him in my little car. We set off at 6am for the 5 hour drive to Dorset. We arrived around 12 o'clock and spent 5 hours loving every single second. It was amazing. I bought souvenirs for my girlfriend and my sister and, of course, myself.

I took loads of video of it on my camera phone and we even had a slightly spicy incident with a rock throwing alpha male! I'm going to hold off telling the story until I've cut together the proper video of it. I don't want to spoil it. If you're a keen fan of monkeys though, feel free to look at the stuff I've posted on The Myspace here.

READER'S VOICE: "The Myspace? I thought you hated The Myspace?"

MY REPLY: "Yes, yes I do. That's, ironically why I've posted the video there. It's a crap video. It's too long and is like watching a home video. The final stuff I'm going to put together of the event will be worth watching and will go on The YouTube."

Actually, I've just entered some sort of competition on The YouTube. I've submitted my most popular video The Gandhi Video as a comedy sketch. I've no idea what that means just yet but I may need your help in voting for it and stuff. So, sign up with The YouTube and post a video or two on there so you can vote when the time comes. If, the time comes. I'm not entirely clear on how it'll all work.


*I think it's called that. I got an email asking me to do them once ages ago. For money! Being, at the time, rash young fool, I told them where to go. Shame. Perhaps they'll email back one day and I can put that mistake right. We live in hope eh?


Lloydd said…
LBC's Iain Lee is obsessed with Monkey World.
Nicholarse said…
I'm a talkSPORT listener at the moment. Got loads of respect for Iain Lee though. He seems like a good sort.

Jess said…
Iain Lee had a lovely man from Monkey World on his show on the 30th March . If you have the LBC podacst ,thingy ,you should have a listen.

The monkey footage looks ace.

Could you let me know if you are listening to Jon Gaunt?

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