(Tuesday) Skunthope City Council are off their mash.

Ye Gods. I've spent a day doing absolutely f#ck all. Really, seriously, f#ck all. Not good. I've been round at my lady's house and she doesn't have an internet access going on so partly I had an excuse but largely, if I'm honest with myself, I spent most of the day wallowing. I watched cr#p on the telly, Jeremy Kyle, Riki Lake, Jenny Jones. That kind of nonsense. I've always loved crass American style talk shows and never tire of seeing DNA results or lie detector tests where people confront their loved ones. Great stuff.

I have a reoccurring vision that one day I'll end up presenting one of these sorts of shows. A sort of credible Jerry Springer, if you can imagine such a thing. I think I'd be pretty good at it but it's really only an odd inclination I have at the back of my mind.

One thing I really do miss from the daytime schedules is Kilroy. That was ace. They had a lot more flexibility with that format but I believe they didn't really use it enough. It got lazy towards the end and as a result I don't think people realised what they'd lost until it had long gone. Also, Kilroy wasn't the greatest presenter in the world. He had an irritatingly condescending style which didn't always work as well as it should have done. On paper he was a great host. Just in actuality he was a little annoying.

Kyle is superb though. He started off quite badly but now he's a tour de force. You can really see his radio background in what he does, there's loads of classic technique in his style but it works really well. His voice is nice and cutting and he's not afraid to ham it up just to the point where it's almost self parody. Brilliant.

Still, it's an empty meal and at the end of the day I feel like I've wasted my time. Tony Robbins would not be impressed. I vow never to repeat a day like this at the end of it. All my days will be productive from now on.

Right after I've watched Trisha. Lovely Trisha.



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