(Tuesday) Tuesway

I've downloaded the latest fantastic installment of Howard Hughes's "The Unexplained" today. Click here to go to his website and listen to it yourself. It's a great little show with loads of fun esoteric nonsense in there. I mean that in the sincerest possible way. I believe nonsense talk is the highest calling of all. You know the sort of thing; "have they build pyramids on mars?", "is the world controlled by shape changing lizards from the lower fourth dimension?" and "will the world end in 2012?". Great stuff, all of it.

What I miss is the fact that less and less people are prepared to engage in it these days. When I was younger it didn't take much to get people going on such subjects but now, as people get older and become more committed to the idea that they're sane, it's becoming a rarity. That can't be a good thing. The world is crazy, you'll never know reality, why not have a bit of fun with thoughts?

Also, I've downloaded the latest Adam And Joe Coke New Music Podcast. Bit trickier to find this one, but worth it. I enjoy the freedom in their stuff. It's inspiring. And, oddly enough, the new music isn't too bad as well.

All this re-newed interest in podcasting has inspired me to take back my broken MATSUI MP3 player and get a new one. I wasn't surprised to hear that it's been a common problem with this model and found the staff at Currys to be very friendly.

Here's a new video of the old phone in show:

Direct link.

Despite the fact I've only just posted it it's already had 7 views!



Phil said…
I only wish I could understand what the old man was saying...

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