Woker into worker

As I'm working out in the gym I'm surprised to see a feature on This Morning about VAGINO-PLASTY! Madness. Apparently it's a type of platic surgery carried out on a woman's most private area. I didn't actually watch the feature but I was genuinely shocked to see it plastered up on such a happy go lucky programme with good ol' Philip Schofield grinning away as Fern delved deep into the story with a woman who'd had her's "plastyed", or whatever. She was doing some powerful squat thrusts in the promo for it!

Yesterday I was shocked to watch Trisha interviewing a woman who had given birth to the child of Ian Huntley and then go on to carry out some pretty harrowing interviews with other victims of, lets be frank, f#cking looneys.

If there's one thing I'm learning about daytime television it's that it's pretty hardcore. I'm also learning that it's a totally pointless waste of time. It gives the impression of being "worthy" but it's pure sludge. I really need to stop gobbling it up entirely.

Today though I'm goal focused. I'm practicing my comedy and room tidying. And having my mate James round for a few beers and a bit of nonsense talk*.


*As explained in yesterday's post.


Jess said…
I only TV I ever watch now is something I have Sky+. I can't take what they want me to watch, when they want me to watch it anymore. Lot's of the it is really crap,so I select the best stuff and watch it, when I fancy it.

There is some serious exploitation going on within most of those morning shows. I think your supposed to watch them and think "well at least my life isn't as bad as theirs".


Watching TV at the gym is probably really bad for you.

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