Wow - ! Look at all those people in the hitcounter. Lloyd's a legend. I think they're all his doing. He knows everyone in the world!

I think I'm going to w#nk myself to death - Kylie in Doctor Who??? That's the most amazing news ever. I think I must be gay. I love Kylie, but not in a sexy time way. I love Dr Who, which according to the sci-fi forums is "too gay" these days. The two of them together, in one room. Ye Gods. I'll be living a lie in no time.

And I like Oscar Wilde. I've even read A Picture Of Dorien Grey, without being asked to by a teacher.

Also, I hate football. I mean I really hate it*.

I was talking recently to a mate of mine about how I used to try and pretend to like it occasionally at school, in order to fit in. In the wake of the Eric Cantona controversey I once stole an opinion which I heard a radio commentator putting forward: "Well, he's not very good at actual football when you look at how he plays". I remember trying to pass this thought off as my own and getting really roundly shouted down as "a f#cking idiot," who "don't know anything about football anyway, when was the last time you watched a match?". It was oddly like this sketch here by Simon Pegg.

Direct link.

I didn't know anything beyond the initial statement and was totally unable to substantiate what I was saying. They were talking about Eric Cantona's various footballing achievements and I was sat there looking like a total tw#t.


*Ahem. I'm not gay. Really. Seriously. I know NLP would suggest that saying I'm not means I am but actually I am, not. Gay. So there. Don't have anything against gay people. Just not one myself. I don't think. Not that I think about it. No need to, because I'm not. So why would I even think about it. Even if I did I'm sure I'd discover I wasn't. Gay. Err...


Lloydd said…
When Eric Cantona booted a football fan in the chest "kung-fu" style I thought it was great.

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