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It's something to think about...

Ukko the Dwarf has had enough of waiting

Next time I'll buy some before I get here.

Scrotar master

Bloody hell, that went well. Really well. Fingers crossed.

iChing in the itching.

(Sunday) Good god make the Phoenix rise, please god make the phoenix rise.

(Saturday) Please make sure you ALWAYS log out of ANY accounts you have been using.

Up on the cellar.

Don't let the sun, go up on me.

Sucking on a cheeky little...

(Tuesday) Gabba babba

So you think that you can eat up time without me noticing?

(Sunday) Hey hey we're the...

(Saturday) Literary Terms, The Concise Oxford English Dictionary of

Probably a mistake

(Thursday) And the fires and embers burn in silence... I ain't gonna lie.

Of course there's nothing left... (wednesday)

Uncle Chuck

and then there were

(Sunday) Crushing tin cans with your f#cking mind.

(Saturday) SaTURDay... Sadurdayee.... Shadderday. Satuday.


(Thursday) Sneezing like a moron.