Bloody hell, that went well. Really well. Fingers crossed.

This caught my attention. It's a bit of Ricky Gervais on Radio 4 picking his favourite tunes. The clip I've linked to there is where he chooses a Neil Young tune. That's surely a good thing. Here's a list of things which, if you like them, makes me think well of you as a person:

Winnie The Pooh.

Captain Beefheart.

Syd Barrett.

Stewart Lee.

My old talkshow on Hallam FM, particularly if you know the names of the VIP callers.

Bagpuss, particularly if you've got a favourite episode.

Chris Morris and to a lesser extent Steve Coogan, simply because everyone likes Alan Partridge.


Neil Young.

Nick Drake.

Guliver's Travels.

George Orwell.

The Beatles, I mean they've got to really f#cking love them. Not just think they're ok. Everyone thinks they're ok.

It's not an exhustive list but you get the idea. It's odd but I really do like people without question if they drop the right stuff into conversation. I'm quite simplistic in that respect.



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