Don't let the sun, go up on me.

I've recorded an all singing all dancing podcast. It's amazing. Go and download it now. You'll love it. Seriously, it's ace. I recorded it in my car. It's just under 20 minutes long. Listen to it on the way to (or back from) work. As far as first episodes go this is a triumph. It's got me talking... about stuff. You'll love it. Tell your friends. Tell your enemies. Tell everyone you can think of!


I've subscribed myself via iTunes. I'm so excited about listening to it again via my MP3 player I'm almost fit to burst into a big fat soundwave.

My first one got a total of 5 listeners. I think this new one will double that audience. If I can just convince half of the people who read this blog once a week to subscribe to it I'll have an audience of a few hundred. Please go and get it. It's so much easier than reading this blog. I've put original material on it. It's got an amusing anecdote on there. It even features an old radio sketch at one point.

Listen, this thing is the first pebble I'm casting into the podcast pond. I estimate that the ripples will spread out at a rate of two ripples per week. This means that if you get involved now, during the early ripplings. Erm... sorry, I've totally lost that thread.

Just go and get it now.

You'll love it.

And if you don't email me and make the next one even better. I plan to do one, each month, starting from... now.



Lloydd said…
Introducing....Nick Shuttleworth!

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