It's something to think about...

Today I watched the awesome comedic force that is Simon Munnery. He was great but oddly I don't think the audience really dug him as much as they usually do at Glastonbury. This annoyed me immensely. At one point he seemed to stall and look distantly into the crowd and we asked for him to do his Sherlock Holmes routine, which he did and it was brilliant. But still the audience didn't seem to quite get into it. I ended up feeling like I did with Stewart Lee back here.

The above is a bit of Simon Munnery which was broadcast recently on the really quite good ITV comedy cuts show. Below is a clip from his show Attention Scum which went out in 2001.

And finally here's a clip of him doing 'the security guard' as a bit of stand up.

While I'm here I'm eating like a pig. Stuffing my face with doughnuts and junk food. It's not good. I can almost feel myself fattening up by the minute.

After spending most of the day at the comedy tent me and the lady trudged back to our tent, it took us over an hour to get there. While we trudged through the brutal 6-inch-deep mud I had a moment when I thought to myself: "why the f#ck am I doing this?". I instantly felt a bit odd about thinking it. I'd had a good long solid day of entertainment. It's just that the conditions become a bit of a chore and as my lady put it, "walking back is such a bore". Hopefully tomorrow will be a slightly better day. I only had that "moment of clarity" for a second but it's not a good thing to think after an otherwise good day.



Lloyd said…
Simon Munnery has just acquired a new fan! I showed my girlfriend the security guard routine and she was in hysterics.
Nicholarse said…
Brilliant news!


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