Next time I'll buy some before I get here.

I've just finished doing a swift update for The Bay on my Glastonbury Festival experience. I told them that there hasn't been much rain so far and that everything here was "very exciting". I think I made sense but I've been stacking back a few cheeky pear ciders. I also had a very interesting phone call which may have huge ramifications for me later on in the year. If it does I'll try and remember to link back to this page so you can suss out what I'm on about.

The actual music and stuff doesn't start until tomorrow but a lot of the stalls have opened up already. Me and my friends are wandering round, we've met up with some of the people we know in here and are getting used to our surroundings. Obviously at some point it's going to really f#cking rain. I've never been to a Glastonbury where it didn't. In fact it always amuses me when people go: "oh, didn't it not rain once a few years ago?". Genius, the fact it once didn't rain is a testament to the fact that in truth it always rains here and it's always muddy. This one though is supposed to be a real corker of a rain bucket that's on the way. It's interesting that, perhaps as a consequence, all the 'Greenies' are banging on about "climate chaos" rather than "global warming". Either way, according to their logic, it's all got to be our fault. We're always the most significant factor in the universe.

As I said in my previous entry, I can't help but feel a little bit suspicious of all this environmentalism stuff. I once heard the theory that it's like a form of Catholic guilt, or original sin. It plays on the idea that you should feel bad or guilty about being alive. "Man made global warming" is yet another excuse for sanctimonious people to throw their hands up into the air and say; "oh, look how immoral and selfish everyone is, we're all going to hell". It also provides an excuse for people to tell other people what to do and there's nothing some humans like more than bossing each other about, particularly if they can feel morally smug afterwards.

It smells like a rat to me.

I'm not saying the planet's not getting hotter. I am allowing for the possibility that this change is not actually our fault. I'm not able to debate a scientist point for point on the issue but I do know that this is an area where there is a debate. I'm also aware that it's a debate that the Government are keen to stifle. There were attempts in Parliament to actually ban a programme that put forward the counter argument. Click here to go to a great article in the Telegraph where you can see the "debate" in action as scientists who disagree are threatened and isolated because of their conclusions.

I am suspicious of any political movement where the end result is more taxes and tighter Government controls on how we live our lives. I'm suspicious of anyone who thinks they're saving the world. I'm suspicious of all politicians, including Al Gore. I'm suspicious of debates where threats are made by one side to the other.

In short, from now on I'm going to buy a big 4x4 and fly everywhere by plane. I'm not sure this is the effect Glastonbury were looking for when they decided to make the environment their main political thrust.



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