A mate of mine mentioned to me that the Funnyordie.com website, that I've recently become a little addicted to, is a little bit like an idea I came up with some time ago in an earlier blog entry. I also put it forward a few times on the old phone in show. The only problem is; you don't get to see the makers of the video as their creations fail to work. Shame. Good site though.

I saw an old picture of myself today where I was really, really, f#cking fat. I'm not a fan of pictures. I hate having them taken and I hate looking at them in retrospect. Either they look crap at the time or, the next time you look at them you feel old and haggard by comparison. Not good.

I suppose this is a reflection of the fact that I really am now into the atkins diet. I can feel Ketosis kicking in and I'm turning into the sweaty, greasy, smell machine that any good atkins dieter has to become. Sounds awful but it's a sign that this odd diet is working. I'm wary of singing its praises too highly on here after the debacle which ensued last time but I'm feeling pretty confident.

My current Atkins stint will come to an end when I go to Glastonbury at the end of the month. I'm intending to prove to Straight From The Nicholarse readers that it really does work!

Seriously it does.

Honestly. Just watch me burn that flab off!



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