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(Saturday) Literary Terms, The Concise Oxford English Dictionary of

I'm really enjoying doing my weekend shows on The Bay. I've made another video about a bit of today's show where I broadcast what some people may consider to be "racist" viewpoints. It's a bit I'm intending to use in my stand up on the Monday after this one coming. I want to get the tension in the room going, close to the sort of thing I wrote about here. It'll be interesting to see how it works in a live context. I think it went quite well as a bit of radio. It makes the point well enough I think.

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I took a very upbeat phone call off my mate Dave Bethell recently who had discovered my videos on YouTube. He particularly liked the "What happens when you die" video. I like the fact that YouTube exists. It's a great site and I'm spending more and more time on it these days. The next step will surely be a YouTube site which streams the videos and allows you to watch half an hour or so without having to shift your fat a#se at all. We live in hope.


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