(Saturday) SaTURDay... Sadurdayee.... Shadderday. Satuday.

The 7 ages of Rock is an awesome TV series. Tonight's was about Punk music, not a genre I've ever had much time for personally, but after watching this show I was keen to hear more! After thirty times round the sun, I've had many chances to enjoy Punk, the fact that this particular show is the one which drew me in is quite an achievement in itself.

What an awesome show! I'm hooked.

In other news, Stewart Lee's website has been improved, more in terms of its style than content but nonetheless, it's a great makeover. Go see! I found the other layout a bit depressing whereas this one has more pride and positivity to it.

Also, I'm reliably informed that Ivan Brackenbury will be appearing at Takapuna, West Street, Sheffield this Wednesday. I was hoping to go down myself but unfortunately it clashes with my Mum's birthday dinner so I'm going to try and make the Manchester one instead. If you get the chance to go and see him email me a review: captainhowarewe@hotmail.co.uk

It's the Edingburgh preview show. I'm very excited about Edingburgh, equally excited about Glastonbury at the end of the month. Excitement x2 = very excited. That's where I am when I think of those two things; very excited.

So that's good. I'm sure they won't both be a massive dissapointment. They can't both be, can they? No. No they can't.



Lloydd said…
I think 7 Ages Of Rock is good but I'm such a geek that when I watch it with my girlfriend I predict the plotline of the programme and who the are going to interview next with alarming precision.

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