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We arrive in Glastonbury pretty much as planned. Meeting people on the way in and using my "Tom Tom" to negotiate our way through the odd little "A" roads you need to drive down if you want to go to the UK's biggest music festival.

On the way me and my girlfriend record what will eventually form the basis of Podcast II. I have big hopes for the Podcast. I think one day it will be bigger than this blog. Not today though. It's not even reached triple figures yet.

I've been going to The Glastonbury Festival for years. I've watched it go from a pretty big festival to the ridiculously huge monstrosity that it is now. The first one I went to was in 1998, I think. Almost ten years ago. I watched Blur and Primal Scream and had my jeans stolen in the middle of the night. They of course included my money and train ticket and mobile phone and so forth. I was gutted.

I remember really clearly walking along in my underpants looking for my trousers mentioning it to some girls who were frankly uninterested:

"I've lost my jeans, they're the only pair I had, someones stolen them. Have you seen them anywhere?"

"No, no we haven't," said one. As another chimed in with, "oh well, never mind eh?".

That summed it up for me. It wasn't their problem. Therefore it wasn't a problem.

I think festivals engender this attitude. People don't seem too concerned with each other and would happily trample over them if it meant getting to see their favourite band in time. There's so many drugs flying round that a certain selfish ethic is inevitable I guess.

The organisers of The Glastonbury Festival attempt to counterbalance this with an ethical dimension to what they do, specifically in the form this year of an environmental campaign. I'm not a big fan of environmentalism. Any problem where the solution is more taxes always makes me a little suspicious.

Still, it's only the first day. We've so far not had any rain and my tent is set up. I can't see any evidence of an internet place on site so this update has been entirely done on my phone. I guess the blog will end up being severely out of date over the next few days. Ruined. Perhaps if I neglect it for long enough the podcast will overtake it anyway?



Lydia said…
I'd like to save the planet but I can't afford to pay for it with more taxes. However, I can afford to pay for Shirley Bassey's private helicopter...
Nicholarse said…
Thanks for the comments Lydia, sure you won't mind if I don't publish the other one though!


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