Sucking on a cheeky little...

Today I watched an amazing documentary called "Talk To Me"*. I can't find it on the net anywhere but the link to the site about it is here. It was an amazing documentary which was built around over 20 years of answerphone messages collected on the machine of Mark Craig. I can't tell you how brilliant it was because whatever you envisaged as a consequence wouldn't be nearly as good. You should just find it and watch it. I saw it on More 4 but it'll pop up at some point and when you get the chance to see it, do so. You'll thank me for suggesting it to you.

On the other end of the scale we've got "Britain's Got Talent". Now, I'm a fan of Simon Cowell being a c#nt to people in the privacy of a TV studio but it's pretty difficult to watch when you factor in a baying audience. I'm amazed that people are capable of being so cruel. The format of this show is (surprisingly) very similar to that of ever other show that Mr Cowell has ever worked on only this time the participants aren't just singers. They can be fire eaters, jugglers comedians and ventriloquists. Wherever their "talent" lies. The majority of them are sh#t.

There was one poor little lad who came along with a portable CD player intending to sing along to the music which only he could hear in his ears. Inevitably this tactic didn't work. The kid was booed by the audience and then slagged off by the judges. He can't have been older than his late teens. I felt really sorry for him. I believe everyone connected with the programme should feel very ashamed of themselves. Why didn't someone at some point step in and say, "you're act's not good enough for the live show, sorry".

Poor lad was close to tears.

Nasty, horrible television. I switched over after that. Watched a bit of Sky News instead.


*Nothing to do with the piece of sh#t ITV thing which features a late night "shock-jock". Total f#cking sh#t.


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