(Thursday) And the fires and embers burn in silence... I ain't gonna lie.

I'm sat tidying up my phone, deleting video and pictures. Generally f#rting about. Open up my calendar, remove the reminders I put there a bit ago which tell me I should be drinking more water. Oops, up pops a little message; "delete all reminders from phone?". "How useful," I think to myself. I can get rid of these reminders that pop up every few hours. Great. I press yes. As I press yes I realise what I've done. I've deleted EVERY SINGLE reminder on my phone. All of them. Every single one! Sh#tbags.

I now have no idea when anyone's birthday is. When any of the meetings I've arranged are taking place or when my next comedy gigs are. It'll take me ages to work it all out and I'm bound to forget some of it. B#llocks.

I'm currently chewing over my podcast ideas. What should I put in it? Should I focus on a specific subject or just rattle on about stuff? Should it be unique content or should I replicate things which I've done here? What should the relationship between this blog and the podcast be? I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on the matter. I think the first one will feature me and my girlfriend talking b#llocks for a bit and a bit of audio with me doing my "racist stuff" on The Bay recently. My podcast will be located here. Currently there's just a bit of audio with me talking and saying pretty much f#ck all so don't bother listening to it yet.



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