Ukko the Dwarf has had enough of waiting

Bloody hell, Bjork was good:

I can't pretend I'm a massive fan, I think I've got her first album somewhere. Might have taped the second one off a mate and lost it since then. My girlfriend insisted upon us going to see her. I didn't like the idea at first but she ramped it up towards the end of the show and totally blew me away.

The rest of the day has been pretty relaxed, we've bumbled about watching different people do stuff. I can't pretend to remember the names of the bands we've seen. I often muse to myself that music pretty much died in and around 1974 so the various indie bands we've watched, although good, totally escape me.

For example, today we sat in one of the Cafes and watched a bloke bust out a few tunes on his guitar. He was ace but I've no idea who he was. He had a couple of fingers missing at the end on one hand. Didn't stop him being a great guitarist. That's the joy of Glastonbury, you wander around and catch some of the best acts in the world doing their thing. Brilliant.

One thing I am very excited about though are the little portable seats we've been using all day. £6 each, bought 'em at a service station on the way down. They're the best purchase I've made in months. In the past I've watched people sat in these seats and thought, "pah, that's not in the true spirit of things is it?". Well this time round I'm looking at people who are thinking that and laughing inside! The muddy fools, look at them and look at me, I ask you who is the King?

Another source of mirth is the fact that I keep finding money on the floor. Not coppers, 50ps and £2 coins. Madness.



Lydia said…
Earth Intruders from her new album is "da shit". I've bought 5 Bjork albums in the last 12 months. She is "da shit". My favourite of her old songs is Hyperballad. It overwhlems me with it's beauty.

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