Up on the cellar.

The podcast is a success! It has listeners! Not quite triple figures yet but it's getting there. How exciting. About a quarter of this blog's readers have bothered to download it. If you're one of them make sure you email* me and tell me what you think, or post in the comments section of this blog. If you're not, f#cking get on the case!. CLICK HERE to go to the correct page.

I'm planning on releasing one a month for the next year. Then I'll re-evaluate that schedule and suss out what to do with it next. The next one will be recorded at my stand up gig on Monday. I'm facing a dillema with that though. My stand up set is quite rude and I like the idea of the podcast being reasonably sweary free. Dunno what to do about that.

Today I spent most of my time pressing refresh on the computer screen as I watched the number of listeners increase throughout the day. Other than that I practiced my set for Monday and made this video about my recent trip to Monkey World**:


*Using my new Captainhowarewe@hotmail.co.uk address.

** Looking at that entry I've just remembered, The Monday Dog seems to have died as a regular feature. Ruined. I keep forgetting about it.


Jess said…
I liked the podcast ..I thought it was good.
Bored At Work said…
Type in Emma Critchley into Google Images and I find this:

Leather Face said…
Don't see anything this has to do with this entry but you gotta watch this Nick!!!


Just don't know what to make of it except to feel WTF!!! in a funny way :0)

The clips are taken from "Cannibal Holocaust" as for the rest well ???

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