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Miss that... and you scoop out the brains of the day

(Sunday) blooms forth the hangover.

And then the light trickle of something like success starts to bloom.

(FRIDAY) A little bird flies in through the window and flaps about. Its mother watches outside, helpless. Eventually it escapes back to the garden.

Talked to Kerr, who I liked. Got to talk to talk and then tomorrow they rang. Will know by Mun.

And the day dream is nice because I rest a while but then get vexed about nothing.

I met a couple of alpha males this morning. Not impressed.

Pull a nail out and spend a day in agony.

feel like I'm pulling funny faces in the dark


Next week will be interesting then...

(Thursday) Blow your chills out into this book case.

squirt water on your hair.

Suck my wallett

(Monday) Ere he is.

Snoring on the Sunday nite.


(friday) Albert An#s.

(Thursday) Kiss my little forum.

Dump him.

Bluesday in the shoes on the day.

Flow oh o over the tie high I tide.

This bit didn't work, at work.

It's got a big cut between the big one and the second in command.

Two possibles come in at once. How funny.

Shaznay is licking my ear hole.

Blow a lump of reason deep into your treason.

My nose tip is bleeding. Matron!

(Monday) Winding up the clock of time and then eating it all up like a big mouse.

I pulled the truth from the bone.

Losing. It's all the same to me.

(Friday) Myne little arze.

Sheet-light, street-light, spin the dim meat-fight.

(Wednesday) Winning.

(Tuesday) Pull my singer.

Stinky magic isn't fun**. (Monday) ... in which Pooh learns the meaning of Qwot.

Perhaps I could include it in the podcast?