And then the light trickle of something like success starts to bloom.

W#nkered on a bottle of wine, slumped in front of the telly, watching Kylie Minogue's DVD of her greatest hits. Holy f#ckballs I love Kylie. Go here and see the number of posts I've written about her over the years. I don't love her like you think though. It's not that I want sexy time with her. It's that I believe she is the manifestation of a Goddess on this planet, the Goddess Eris to be specific.

Ha ha ha. What a funny joke. I'm obviously joking. Ha ha ha. Aren't I funny with my funny joke*?

Here's a video which always makes me cry when I watch it. It encapsulates the moment when liking Kylie was no longer something to be embarrassed about:

It's the moment when she stood up and was proud of the fact that she did pop music with a twist. Awesome.

I f#ckin' love Kylie.

Look at this here... she's doing "Put Yourself in My Place" live:

She's brilliant. She pretends to be a normal human but it's obvious she's not.

Oh dear. I'm a little tiddly. But seriously though. Kylie isn't a normal human like you or I. Think I'm f#cking about? No. No I am not.

Watch this clip:

Ha ha! What's that if not proof? "She's not a person...", no, she's not, she's a goddess.

Nick Wins.


*I'm not joking. She is a Goddess. It's obvious.


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