Blow a lump of reason deep into your treason.

The show went well today. I'm doing evenings on The Bay. My new compettiton where you have to guess the female tennis player by their gruntings, "who's grunt is it anyway... on The Bay", went well. I tried to do the exact same feature on a previous radio station I worked at a few years ago and was told (by a man) that women wouldn't like it. Ironic then that on tonight's show I had a full switch board of ... women calling in to tell me the answer! Well done everybody.

Loving the story of Gordon The 78 year old tramp who can tell the time without a watch:

And here's a YouTube video which is an excellent addition to the above report:

I love that in this video you can hear someone saying, "stop it, stop it", because they think their mate is taunting Gordon. Then the timecheck is almost spot on and the reaction in the car is priceless. Genius.



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