Bluesday in the shoes on the day.

I had a great show tonight. I'm really enjoying working at The Bay. It's a very happy experience. Radio can be a drag sometimes but, for whatever reason, at the moment I really feel like I've sort of re-connected with something. I think perhaps it's the absence of ALPHA -f#cking- MALES. There just aren't any at The Bay. At least, none that I've come across. Everyone's just happy to be there and enjoying the experience of working in one of the best industries in the world. Bonus.

I'm all set to take over the drive time show tomorrow. Andy Lawson is going on holiday for a bit and it'll be fun to work during the day for a while. Hopefully this means I'll be able to crack on with the new podcast which is due out very soon; Homemade Nonsense II. In my imagination I planned to put one out every month. The Terror Attacks one, was a sort of impulse release which doesn't figure into the equation. This means that my next release date is the end of this week.

Can't dissapoint my 40 or so subscribers!

You know, it doesn't make any sense to me, that's less than half the number of people who read this blog! Why is the blog the biggest of all my internet things? I've got 18 subscribers on my YouTube account. 18? That's hardly anyone. That Warren25Smash bloke has thousands! His excited and naive rants get a bigger audience than my sh#t. Arrgh. That irks a bit. I can't lie about that. It irks me.

Why is it that I can't force the audience that regularly reads this blog over to other media forms?


See, I've annoyed myself in the middle of a blog entry now. As a consequence I've lost my thread and sort of f#cked things up a bit. That's your fault. If you're one of the many people who are content with the blog alone and don't want to get involved with The YouTube and The Podcast.




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