Dump him.

I might be wrong but, is it just me who actually finds the recent terror attacks potentially amusing? I know they're not. It's just that these terrorists seem to be adopting slapstick comedy as their primary weapon of choice. The recent press coverage of the "buck toothed half wit" whose incompetence managed to f#ck things up so conclusively during the failed terror attacks back in 2005 made for very entertaining reading. The expression on the "buffoon"'s face which was used to illustrate the stories of his stupidity in the tabloids was priceless.

But it's not funny, I know that, it's very serious. These people are 'warriors dead set on the total destruction of Western Society, in its entirety'. They're not Laurel and Hardy fans intent on a bit of hilarious mayhem. Any resemblance between the two is accidental and unfortunate. It's not funny but it does have all the hallmarks of a Mr Bean style comedy.

These twonks in Glasgow for example; they plan deadly chaos in the name of their faith and then one of them sets himself on fire, stumbles out of the car blurting out something along the lines of "I'll fight you" before getting a good solid Scottish style beating. His 'awesome terror strike' mearly results in him being tarnished with 90% burns and being assured that he'll spend the rest of his life in agony. And jail. That's not funny. It's not. Even though it sort of makes me smile to think of him. All the bullsh#t floating round his head and then right at the last minute reality catches up with him. Turns out God wasn't on his side. Turns out he was just a w#nker.

Meanwhile his intended victims have all come off looking like heroes. Some of them acted like heroes. Others chanted "let the b#stard burn" as he lay, in agony, wondering which part of his 'divine' plan went wrong.

It's not funny*.

It's really not. And I'm not suggesting that it is.


*Well, perhaps it is just a little bit.


Leather Face said…
I haven't been keeping up too much with the sensationalization, sorry news but some people fill me in on the dtails here and there.

Is it true that they bummed the attacks because one or some of them got cold feet about suicide?

If so that's interesting as wasn't these guys intelligent people such as Doctors???

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