Flow oh o over the tie high I tide.

I'm thinking of recording a novelty pop song. I've got all the lyrics written out and everything. In fact the whole thing is already written and done. It's just seven years old. So I'm going to re-record it. Maybe with a rock band or something. The song is called "I'm a Virgin" and it's not very much unlike the song "Like a Virgin" which Madonna sang in the 80's. I think it's time to re-record it and turn it into a YouTube video. So I've re-written it and I'm now musing over how and when I'm going to make it into a noise.

Once made I'll use my nice new phone* to do a music video on. You know, for MTV, VH1, Z-tv and The YouTube. Once I've put it up on The YouTube it'll be a huge viral video success in the same league as, for example, Feed The Birds!** God, I'm excited about this. I want the video to feature the rock band, rocking the f#ck out in the background and stuff. It'll be amazing.

The only problem is finding the rock band. I'm going to go down to an old haunt of mine known as The Musician's Co-Op. I'm sure to find a rock band there! I think.

Also, I've recieved exciting news from The Bay. I'm to be thier new website person. They've read my blog and got the impression that I know stuff about computers. Good eh? The only bad news is that they're not sure they can link from The Bay to my blog as it's a little rude in places. I'd disagree with that in that I do censor it but the title Straight From The Nicholarse was deemed a little naughty. Not to worry. The blog has managed to gather a momentum of it's own over the last year so I think we'll survive without a link from their site.

Quite excited about being given control of The Bay website though. Got big plans for it. Going to do videos and stuff. Ace.


*Why do they insist on giving you a new phone? It has caused me no end of f#cking about; my number got barred by accident! F#cking rubbish. I like my old phone. It's a f#cking man's phone it is. You could build a house with it. Videos for ages as well. F#cking smart that. New one looks much more lightweight. Pansy's phone. Ruined.

**Yes indeed ladies and gentlemen, roll up, roll up! Here's the massive viral video success that is, Feed The Birds! Almost easily over half of one hundred people have watched this awesome artistic achievement. It's amazing. It was an internet sensation, in a way. I said when I made it "blimey, I never expected it to be that successful". I later went on to say that "my blog gets over 100 readers, that means half of the c#nts didn't even bother to watch this all the way through". Behold, Feed The Birds:

I wonder how many people will ignore it a second time? Probably even more.


phlegm comic said…
you take acid and make that? insane.

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