(friday) Albert An#s.

I've been tinkering with The Bay's website. Nothing you'd notice just general f#cking about really. Tried uploading video but it was too big a file. There's a bit of discussion as to the wisdom of uploading YouTube stuff. You're not actually uploading it as a matter of fact, you're embedding it. The whole thing is still hosted by YouTube. It's just cause for concern that The Bay's site is used for corporate business stuff and the last thing you need is the kid of some big time advertiser landing on some poor bugger getting happy slapped, after they follow a video link from our website.

So for the moment I'm just trying to cut through it and locate spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. Tidy it up a bit. And of course learn how to edit it properly. The man who usually does it is away at the moment so I can't ask him. It's just a case of 'here's the location and password, good luck'! The best way to do things really, trial and error.

I'm enjoying doing the drive show at the moment and today's was probably one of the most fun ones to do. There was a hell of a lot going on and it was quite exciting to feel a part of it all. I'm still making the odd minor technical mistake here and there but I think it's sounding like a good show. I can't explain how different the atmosphere is, it's a real breath of fresh air to be surrounded by people who are just enjoying doing some radio.

My mind is wandering a bit as I write...

I wonder if anyone has ever tried to combine the power of tea and coffee into one single drink? You know, like, mix the two. Perhaps that's how they intented Toffee?

I'd be lost without my sat nav.



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