(FRIDAY) A little bird flies in through the window and flaps about. Its mother watches outside, helpless. Eventually it escapes back to the garden.

My mate Anthony Gay was live on air on Rock FM today. It was amusing to listen to him because years ago he was my boss at Hallam FM. I enjoyed what I heard. Had a quick chat with him afterwards and he seemed in good spirits. He's been mentioned in this blog before: here.

I've signed up to a website extension on the BBC called Celebdaq. It's based on the stock market but instead of buying shares in companies you purchase them in celebrities and the amount of press coverage they're going to be getting. It sounds w#nk but I've played it before and actually it's good fun. I'm tempted to buy some shares in Kate Ford given my almost tabloid worthy past with her*. In fact I think I should, just out of loyalty to the fact that I once sort of half knew her, for a few days. But she's not in the papers too much these days and it'd be a waste of my fictional money.

It'd be like buying shares in me.

Actually, that would f#cking rock. If you could buy shares in anyone. I'd buy some in that odd bloke who lives down the road. He'll be in the papers sooner or later, you mark my words. He's a dodgy c#nt that one.


*Well, not quite. I made a d#ck of myself infront of her before she was famous.


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