(Friday) Myne little arze.

Tonight I stood in for Dave Miller on The Bay. He does the 7pm-12pm shift. It was a really good night, lots of people calling in and saying 'hello'. I like working at The Bay, there's a nice vibe to the whole thing. It seems very friendly. Some stations seem to lose touch with their audience a bit and get lost in showbiz at times. It's always mistified me when that happens. Sort of ruins the point of local radio.

The only annoying thing about the show was that the air-con is screwed. They've got a fan and a big makeshift air con unit in the corner of the room which I used without mercy for the first few hours. Turns out that was a big mistake; my eyes went all gooey and my voice turned to a dull husk. I also left the fan on during a few links so it sounded like I was in a small aeroplane at times, negotiating my way over the channel inbetween songs.

I'm struggling with my YouTube account currently. Videos like the one posted below are gathering a life of their own and being linked to by sites I don't really understand. One of them is this site: CLICK HERE. It's called Digg. I think I understand it, you use it to promote stuff. But I'm not sure really what it is. What annoys me is there's a load of comments on there, about my video, but I can't reply to them. Here's what they say:

by khandy:

Sometimes wars get started not because of the colours of peoples skin but because they speak a different language or believe in a different higher power...which is even sadder.

by linktothepast:

This isn't comedy. It is a statement of how ridiculous violence is.

by FlapJaw 20 hours ago:

What is this sh#t?

by mntbikeracer1 18 hours ago:

WTF is this cr#p, huh?


Now, they're all entitled to their opinions but it irks me somewhat that I can't reply without having to join some website that I don't really understand. So instead I'll reply here:

The sketch in question was written when I was about 19 or 20. To me that's really obvious, it's got a cold war feel to it. As a result it feels a little out of date. It also feels a little preachy and I think nowadays my politics are a little different to those expressed there. I made it because I was getting the hang of Windows Media Editor and had the audio lying around from ages ago. It's not my favourite piece by any stretch of the imagination. I much prefer my Gandhi video, it sums up my thoughts on the whole issue of war far better. However I still stand by the sketch about "What Happens When You Die". It's not "sh#t", it's just not "great". It's a mood piece man. It's an idea. So there.

I'm not sure if I feel better for that rant. I think perhaps not. I need to just let these videos live their lives a bit.

It's also been linked to by this blog here. It seems like a good blog, by virtue of the fact it's linked to one of my YouTube videos. Go and have a look.

Here's the video in question:



jodester said…
you can comment on your own video in response to the comments already there...
Leonid Brezhnev said…
I don't understand the Cold War reference. You said you wrote the artical when you were 19 or 20. That would be in 1996 or 1997. The Cold War is widely believed to have ended in 1991.
Nicholarse said…
Yeah but I was still living in that mindset. Nowadays a video like that would be more concerned with global warming or something along those lines. There I'm worrying about being blown up in a nuclear war, not something that seems quite so likely these days but certainly one of my major pre-occupations as a kid.

Actually, that said, I guess it's more likely nowadays than it used to be. What with rogue states and so forth. Maybe that's why the video is getting so much attention at the moment.

See, I'm not making sense, I should just let these things go once I've done them!

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