I met a couple of alpha males this morning. Not impressed.

I missed my interview slot with Paul Potts today! Gutted. I was under the impression that it was scheduled for Thursday. Tony "Cookie" Cookson did it instead. Ruined. Paul Potts was the winner of "Britain's Got Talent". He's a fat bloke who sings opera. I was looking forward to talking to him.

My "What Happens When You Die" video continues to gather 'fans'. It has a life of its own now. People are even submitting replies to it. Some gospel preaching group who are posting under the title of "Amazing Facts". As a consequence I've ended up watching the following b#llocks:

It's a really well made piece and makes for a good story. I love that the narrator is on board what looks like The Starship Enterprise as he reveals his interpretation of The Bible. The guy's clearly some sort of f#cking legend.

Gutted I missed that interview today. Feel really f#ckwitted as a consequence. I was totally convinced it was on Thursday, I even put a note in my phone to tell me. Ruined.



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