I pulled the truth from the bone.

Me and the lady sat and watched Sir Trevor McDonald's 'hilarious' comedy TV programme tonight. It was amazing. It's in the "so bad it's almost good" bracket. The delivery was stilted the material was flat and the edits on the laughter track were awful, really awful. It's got to be one of the most badly made programmes I've seen in years. Incredible.

The only amusing thing on it was this video clip from YouTube:


I'm pretty sure I've seen it before. Brilliant. It had me laughing for ages when I saw it on telly.

It's in the same league as this classic:


Back on the subject of the Trevor McDonald thing, I noticed with interest that no writer credits emerged at the end of the show, only "programme associates".

I bumped into Trevor McDonald once. Literally, in the houses of Parliament. There's no story there really. It was just an incident, I bumped into the bloke. I must have been about 16 at the time. We apologised to each other and moved on. In the process of doing so I realised who he was and went: "oh, it's the news bloke, that bloke oh".

It was a bit like the time when I bumped in the comedian Dan Nightingale in Tesco recently. Tired after going round Glastonbury I recognised his face like you would a friend's. I reacted a bit slowly and went "ahh, it's matey who does the thing". Then I remembered that I don't know him and said, "hello mate, you don't know me but it's good to see you". Then I wandered off. As I did so I realised none of that will have made any sense. We ended up queuing behind him and I went over and explained myself, apparently it's not an uncommon thing to happen to him.

I feel as though I'm on the very fringes of the Manchester Comedy scene. The absolute edges. I was greeted twice when I went to see Stewart Lee at Bar XS. Once by a bloke who does stand up and has a good joke about the milky bar kid and then secondly by someone I didn't recognise. The latter makes me think I'm slowly worming my way into "the inner ring"*.


PEEP SHOW QUOTE: "I'm in the inner ring, I always knew there was an inner ring".


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