This bit didn't work, at work.

I'm enjoying the new world that is sprawling out around us. I like that popstars are making little blogs for their fans, like this one by Natasha Bedingfield:

Direct link.

It's good to see her with her hair messed up a bit, doing her vocal exercises and talking boll#cks. Even if I do still feel a little betrayed by her song "These Words".

Why would that be?

Click on the link to find out!

Don't carry on reading this until you've read why.


Get the f#ck off this entry if you've not found out yet!

Right... in theory the only people who are still reading this have read my previous entry on Natasha Bedingfield. Now, let me explain. I've linked to her blog entry in an attempt to draw her attention to my reaction to her song; "These Words". It's a longshot but I reckon if I can get enough people to follow the link from here to her YouTube video she (or at least someone who represents her) might check out the original entry about why "These Words" dissapointed me. It's really f#cking unlikely but I was gutted by the way things turned out with that song. Seriously. I want to like her but it's hard to, I feel betrayed. Arrgh.

I'm stuck in the YouTube world at the moment. It's not good.

In my wanderings I've also stumbled across this bloke, "warren25smash" :

Direct link.

He f#cking loves it!

He's got around 7,000 subscribers! Brilliant. Clearly a bit of an internet specific phenomenan but nontheless a legend.



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