Miss that... and you scoop out the brains of the day

I have exciting news to announce! Constantcomedy.com has launched. It's a bit like Youtube.com and even more like Funnyordie.com but unlike those two sites it's very much in its infancy. It's also run by the enthusiastic American bloke, Jett Loe, who's work I've been digging recently. Furthermore it'll soon be featuring an exclusive "bit" which we filmed in Birmingham a bit back. It's my infamous Modern Art Sh#te which I blogged about a bit back. I even got as far as performing it a bit in a few stand up clubs but frankly it was too weird and geeky. I wonder how it will fare on the interwebnets?

My current favourite contributors are these two:

...and these two:

See what you think.



jodester said…
those second two with the handshaking bit are the guys who presented BBBM that i was telling you about - theyre wicked!

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