My nose tip is bleeding. Matron!

Urrgh. I need to stop watching rubbish. This video is a prime example:

Direct link is here.

Illuminati symbolism is the sort of thing you just can't switch off once you've been told about it. An eye and a big pyramid is the classic one. What's our obsession with pyramids? And eyes? Particularly eyes like this:

Seriously, once you get into this stuff it's all over the place. I just can't help but think that perhaps it's a bit like The Bible Code where we see what we want to see. And, more importantly we see and make connections which aren't there in reality.

It's a good bit of nonsense though and no doubt about that.

I've pretty much all but given up conspiracy theories really. There's no point in them. They don't serve you well.



Dolly said…
The music in the background Usura "Open Your Mind" samples Simple Minds. Always a good thing in my book.
Lydia said…
I'm not surprised people follow conspiracy theories so avidly.

The majority of people in the world follow a religion. They are taught by religion to believe in something no matter how much it is challenged by their experience. No matter how illogical it may seem to their commonsense. They are taught that no matter how much evidence there is against their belief being correct, to keep believing.

Most people learn at a young age that some stuff people used to believe in is simply crap. It's just basic commonsense. You work it out. It doesn't stand up to scrutiny. For example:

Santa = bullshit
Tooth Fairy = bullshit
Flat Earth = bullshit
Magic Tricks = bullshit

But then they follow a religion that contains something they'd ordinarily think was bullshit, and accept it.

Virgin Birth = entirely reasonable
Noah's Ark = entirely reasonable
Stone To Death Rape Victims For Having Sex Outside Marriage = entirely reasonable!

Once this way of thinking has been engrained into a brain, it'll believe any old bullshit.
Nicholarse said…
Yeah. It's a good point. I often argue that conspiracy theories are so seductive because we know that on some level we're bieng lied to each day about something. It might not even be that we're being lied to about something important, might just be an advert for a washing powder or something like that. but the fact remains we're being told lies all the time.

Another thing that shakes my faith a bit is that most people take their version of truth from the media and the media is run by people like me and you. People who are as flawed as everyone else. A lot of news reporting is just passing on what someone else has told you.

The only news I really trust is local news, national news is f#cked.

PS - I love the fact that it samples Simple Minds. Oddly apt for the entry.


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