Next week will be interesting then...

Holy f#ckballs. I'm exhausted. I've been doing the drive show all week and I really am f#cked. Five hour shows at The Bay, plus web admin work and so forth, it's almost like a 'real job'! Today we gave away Harry Potter books to people who've been sending in spells via the website. I ended up being the judge by default and I felt awful doing it. They were all written by kids and we had loads of them. I wanted to just let them all win. But of course that wouldn't have worked so I picked out three and then they came in and collected their prize.

I've never gotten into Harry Potter. I think the main reason for that is, it's a kid's book. Sorry if that comes as a surprise. I find kids stuff boring. That's because I'm an adult. If you like kids stuff and you're an adult it's because you're stupid. Newsflash.

Hey, guess what, that new Transformers film is out!! Brilliant*. I can't bl#ody wait to see it. Here's a trailer:

It looks amazing**!


*Ha ha. Aren't I funny? Did you see that? I said something, I led you off down a particular path and then, wammo, I shocked you by going against all that I'd put forward. I tricked you. And you fell for it. I win.

**More tricks. Look at the trailer more closely you fools. I'm ace me. Oh no I'm not, ruined.


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