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Today has been an absolute cracker. We spent quite a lot of time in "The Leftfield Tent" where we watched, amongst other things, Mark Thomas and Tony Benn. Mark Thomas came along and told his story about demonstrating in London which formed part of the material which I sort of reviewed here. As is evident in that entry I'm increasingly uncomfortable around people who are self consciously "left wing". They annoy me. Smug, self satisfied, pompous, hippies. That's not to say that I am therefore "right wing", I'm neither, I just have aproblem with people who think they're saving the world, want me to pay more tax and tell me how to live my life. As far as I'm concerned, so long as I'm not hurting anyone, it's up to me how I spend my money and go about my business. A lot of "lefties" seem to have a big problem with that.

That said... I loved Tony Benn's speech. It was awesome. "All political decisions are moral decisions," his voice boomed out, "we are the first generation who have been presented with a choice; we have the technology and skills to solve the world's problems or destroy it forever". Excellent stuff. It was exciting to see a real politician spout his brain juice. Not that I trust or believed a word of it. I also have a problem with politicians. I tend to subscribe to the old idea that anyone who wants to rule us should automatically be disqualified from applying for the job.

After we watched a few comedians doing their stuff we then went off and watched some bands, none of which I remember or knew anything about.

Then we saw The Who. Now, I remember being dissapointed on behalf of my mates Anthony Wootton and Toby Foster who both went to see The Who and came home more than gutted at how rubbish they were. Both of them are big fans of the band and as I recall it neither of them enjoyed the show they saw. Ruined.

When I saw them at Glastonbury though, they were nothing short of amazing! Really, really, really good. It rained throughout the whole performance but I was spellbound. I surprised myself with the number of tunes I recognised and was really drawn in to the interplay between Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey.

Here's a clip of them:

The Who have always been an awesome festival band. I'll never forget having a cheeky smoke with my mate Anthony Wootton watching this particular performance of one of their best tunes, "Listening to you", which they also performed at Glastonbury*.


We plan to sleep in tomorrow and wait until everyone else has left the site before we pack up our tent and go. It should mean we don't get stuck in all the queues of people trying to leave. Part of me thinks I'd be ok to drive off now but the part of me that's sane knows that'd be stupid.


*Can't find video of the Glastonbury one.


Lydia said…
The trouble is that you may think that you are not harming anyone in the way you go about your business but you may be doing things that cause harm without realising it. You are a decent person who won't intentionally do something harmful.

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