Pull a nail out and spend a day in agony.

I did my stand up comedy, the gig will be documented on my next podcast. I'm therefore going to refrain from writing about it too much here. It was unlike any of my previous performances, even though I did use mostly the same material as usual.

I'm still recovering from the shock of seeing some odd TV programme my girlfriend put on when we came back from the gig. It was about twins who were having plastic surgery to look like Brad Pitt. To say it was brutal is an understatement. It showed these two geeky looking blokes get their faces broken up and then you had to watch them being all pleased when the swelling had died down.

The programme was designed to be one of those uplifting, 'going on a journey', style things but frankly I was unconvinced. They gave them a haircut and a full makeover before doing the "before and after" charade. If I'd been them I'd have skipped the surgery and gone straight to the haircut and makeover.

I kept getting flashbacks to it all day today. These poor blokes with lumpy beaten faces caused by profound human sadness. It always makes me twitch when I'm confronted with the evidence of the surgeon's knife. False breasts are the most obvious example. Awful. Why do that to yourself? Doubly so when you consider that there's a chance it might not even work out. I'll never understand it.





PS - Podcast fans:

My insert on the fantastic 'Letter To America' podcast is now up here. I'm only on for like 10 seconds or so I think but nontheless it's sure to be a fantastic show as usual. Not heard it yet. And of course, you can still download episode 2 of, Homemade Nonsense, if you've not yet done so, over here.


Jett Loe said…
Thanking you for the plug!

Sorry we had no 'witty' banter to accompany your segment - but Wayne hasn't heard it you see...

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