I'm excited by the fact that my latest podcast appears to have more listeners than the last one. That's good because it's actually a bit better than the last one. If a little more surreal. So far Shaun left me the following comment: "Madness. love it :D". That's internet speak for a smile that last bit. It's a proper toothy smile as well. Excellent.

I'm going to start recording the next one now, I'm going to focus it on my forthcoming stand up gig in Manchester on Monday night. I'm getting nervous about this one but I've not managed to practice for it, I've been busy either on air or socialising. That last one doesn't seem like a very solid reason not to practice in the cold light of day but at the time it seemed pretty important.

What I intend to do is use this therefore as an opportunity to relax a bit onstage and take it easy. Often I think my stand up is too rigid. I do know my material I know how it should be performed, I'll just get up and do it. It'll be easy. It won't be easy.

I won't even be able to practice on Monday as I will be going on a coach with a load of listeners to The Sandcastle Waterpark in Blackpool. Awesome. It'll be a wacky occasion, no doubt about that.

I'm nervous.




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