Shaznay is licking my ear hole.

This chap's pretty good. I saw him with his poetry collective Aisle 16 at Glastonbury a couple of years ago.

I was excited to recieve an email off my old associate Craig Pilling recently after I mentioned him in this entry here.

He seems to be doing well for himself and he mentioned the story which I allude to in the entry*.

It's one of the odd consequences of having a blog which gets readers. I honestly do forget that people read this most of the time. There seems to be prolonged periods where nobody passes comment on anything here and this causes me to lull myself into a false sense of security in what I write. I end up just burbling away without thinking and then am surprised when some of my words here have a consequence, be it good or bad.

I'm enjoying doing The Love Zone on The Bay. Here's a sample of one of the letters I read out last night:

Melanie in Lancaster would just like to say hello to her husband Dennis. Dennis is a dentist by trade and Melanie used to be his patient. She says: "I was always nervous until I met him. When I lay on my back and he went inside my mouth I was totally relaxed. The filling he gave me then is one of the best I've ever had."

How romantic!

I wonder if you can think of a few nice romantic letters written in a simmilar vein? If you can pop it either in the comments section of this entry or email it to I'll mention it here if I use any of them.


* Now there's a f#cking memory! I'd be up the creek if I were to try and remember anything I did on air so much as three months ago, let along 6 years back. Good man.


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