Sheet-light, street-light, spin the dim meat-fight.

I forgot my pin number! I just totally forgot it. I'm stood at a cash machine and I can't f#cking remember what I'm supposed to do. "Bow's locks," goes my mind, "by the almighty locks of bow," it says again. I try a few numbers but it's not letting me look at my haggared and beaten bank account. "Bore logs" grunts my mind. I'm almost too busy thinking of creative swearing now and I'm confused. How can I have just forgotten my pin number? It's really easy to remember. I just can't remember it.

Maybe I'm stressed.

Maybe I ate too many beef burgers in the early 90's.

Maybe my mispent youth is finally catching up with me. I always suspected those mushrooms were a bit funny.

I can't remember it though. I'm going to have to admit defeat and walk away... confused and beaten. Ruined.

It's not long until I remember it while I'm driving off in the car. I think it's caused by the fact that I'm dyslexic. I used to forget how to spell words when I was under stress, like for example, during an exam. Nowadays I'm a lot more comfortable with the fact that my mind is a little off target. It gives me a different perspective on things. But it's still annoying when it means you can't do simple things like remember your pin number. I'll be annoyed if it happens again.



Lydia said…
I think what you've got it dyscalculia.

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