Snoring on the Sunday nite.

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Today was AMAZING. I went to The Kylie Minogue exhibition in Manchester where they blew my mind with loads of costumes which Kylie has worn in the past, including, the top she wears in "I Should Be So Lucky", the tiny skirt she prances about in "Can't Get You Out Of My Head" and the outfit she looks lovely in during the "Hand On Your Heart" video.

What particularly amazed me was how small Kylie is. She can't be more than five foot, at the absolute most. It just confirmed all my thoughts about her. You see, most people think I fancy Kylie in a sort of sexual way but they're wrong, it's actually far less savoury than that. In my opinion Kylie is clearly some sort of Goddess or Angel or something, probably Iris**. I'm not sure which.

I need some sort of way of worshiping her. I just can't think how that would manifest itself, you know, without being weird.

It's hard to do something that is fundamentally weird without it appearing so.

Also, a Goddess that is alive and well wouldn't half get in the way of things. I'm reminded of my previous thoughts about Kylie dying of cancer. They have living Godesses in India and it's no end of trouble. I read about one who went off with a documentary crew to America for a bit of a jolly and had to be stripped of her title.

The last thing I'd want to do is strip Kylie of anything.


*Earlobes as thumbs, obviously.
**I've explained this already but my girlfriend is also clearly a Goddess of some description. I think she's more Danu than Iris though.


Dolly said…
Enya is a Goddess. Kylie is a mere angel.
Leather Face said…
I thought you were an Atheist?

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