I've finished episode 2 of Homemade Nonsense. I didn't expect to get it finished on time, I've been genuinely busy with other things. The last episode got 50 listeners and 2 emails. This one will hopefully get 100 listeners and 4 emails. Perhaps you should be one of the people that sends one of those emails! The address is: Whack one in and I'll read it out on episode 3. In my imagination it'll just become a stream of emails in the end with me reading them out and occasionally adding wry and perceptive comments. Or something. Maybe not 'perceptive' ones but certainly comments.

I'm getting ready for my next "gig" in Manchester at Beat The Frog. It's on Monday the - I think - 23rd. Or 22nd. Without doubt on a Monday. This time I'm really going to give it some. I mean I'm really, really, going to give it some f#cking welly! The way I know this is that I'm nervous about it. Whenever I get nervous about it it goes better than when I don't. When I don't it always f#cks up.

My mate Ben sent me this new conspiracy theory thing. I've been drawn in, it's quite amazing how many things we've been lied to about over all these years. Ben, in all seriousness, believes we never went to the moon. That's one conspiracy theory I'm not prepared to take though; my childhood dreams of being a spaceman have merely been put to one side on a temporary basis.

Here's the video:


PS - Don't forget my amazing podcast!


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