Stinky magic isn't fun**. (Monday) ... in which Pooh learns the meaning of Qwot.

We woke up with rain splashing in our faces at around 8am. It's been heaving it down all night and our tent has finally given up. It can't be bothered to keep us dry anymore. We packed up and got to the car around 9am. It was nice to finally sit in a comfortable, dry, air conditioned enviroment. On went the radio. We tuned into 'Worthy FM' and some bloke was banging on about how great it was backstage and how cool these dudes were that he'd met there. "They played this weird odd music," he enthused, "it was totally fabulous". Then on came what I can only describe as total f#cking sh#t music. Off went the radio.

I was a little dissapointed. I'd heard that a guy called Craig Pilling worked on Worthy FM and I'd been sort of hoping I'd catch a little bit of him. Years ago I remember hearing him do a 30 minute link about being in a taxi with some guy who explained how The Bible can tell you how old God is or something. It was 30 minutes of talk which I was gripped by. All this on student radio! He was a genuine talent. He now works in the seedy world of commercial radio so might have had his 'creative wings' clipped a bit in recent times, I'm not sure. I imagine he doesn't do 30 minute monologues about The Bible anymore but he was a good egg and I'd have been interested to hear him.

I decided to pop a bit of The Captain* on instead. My poor girlfriend doesn't appreciate him yet. It'll just take time, nothing more.

It took us FOUR HOURS worth of time to get offsite in the end. The rain kept falling and the mud got deeper and thicker. Every third car seemed to get stuck in the mud at some point and there were tractors and stewards all over the place trying to pull them out. Our car didn't get stuck but it did have to wait while others were helped along the way. My mate who travelled in a different car with his wife also got stuck on the site but he was there for SEVEN HOURS! In the end he set off a little later than us and was held back longer as a consequence, so having our crap tent wake us up in the morning proved to be a good thing.



* Who's The Captain? Captain Beefheart! He's ace. Everyone should dig his funky vibe. Good for ya! Here's one of his pop songs.


Anonymous said…
You think it was weird?! Try being in the cab with the bloke...It's amazing what you remember after all these years isn't it.

Oh yeah - clipped? Try sawn off...

Mr C.
Nicholarse said…
If that's you mate, send us a wee email and get in touch:

Nicholarse said…
Oops - sorry that's

Well done everybody.


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