Suck my wallett

I had an awful show today, loads of technical glitches. I'm just so dozy it's unbelievable. Don't quite feel myself. After the show I went round to a mate's house and watched the awesome film that is Robocop. As well as enjoying one of the finest films in the world I also learned that there is a considerable controversy surrounding sweeteners. I've had this pointed out to me on the comments board in the past* I think but having it mentioned again seemed to tie in with things a bit. I've been pumping sweetener into cups of coffee like there's no tomorrow. This funk could have been caused by toxic chemicals. I guess.

It's just been one of those days where you get to the point, about half way through, that you're sort of past laughing at things and just feeling very bored by the constant f#ck ups. Mistakes and so forth come at you from areas you couldn't have conceived of. Madness. It just wasn't my day.

There was only one incident which was obvious to the ears but there were hundreds behind the scenes.

Here's a video made by Devvo. I've mentioned him before.

*I'm sure "Leatherface" mentioned it? I sometimes get a bit behind with the comments, what with trying to pump out an entry a day.


Lloydd said…
I've been aware for a while about the role "evil sinister former Defense Secretary" had in ensuring aspartame got approved as a sweetener in the USA. This is despite the fact it gave lab rats brain cancer. Aspartame was patented by drugs company Monsato who make Nutrasweet products.

Let's be clear, Donald Rumsfeld is a c**t. If people die from Nutrasweet products he'll probably regard it as "collateral damage" in the same callous way he described the death of innocent civilians in Iraq.
Lloydd said…
Robocop is one of my favourite films. Hearing the theme music can move me to tears.

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