(Sunday) blooms forth the hangover.

So, Transformers is amazing. I read a review recently telling me it was sh#t but the fact I'd watched it and decided it wasn't stopped me from agreeing with it. I also read a review in the same paper by the same bloke telling me that The Simpsons film was a pile of t#rd as well. It wasn't. It's ace. I saw it today with my lady friend. I therefore give his reviews 1star out of five. The one star is only there for spelling and punctuation, I couldn't pick fault in that. It's the actual content of the review which ruined things. I'm only annoyed at myself for instantly forgetting which paper it was and what the bloke's name was who wrote it. This means that, ironically, my review of his review must now recieve an equally low score. F#cking n#tsacks. I've managed to outwit myself into the crevices of my own an#s. That is dissapointing.

Still, the initial point still stands. Both Transformers and The Simpsons are excellent.

In other news The Bay Allstars today battled it out with Hollyoaks in a titanic clash of local celebrities and national television stars. For the celebrity packed exclusive pictures click here. Although I love both football and celebrities unfortunately I couldn't make it along. Ruined. Maybe next time.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, one of my favourite things about The Bay is Andy Lawson's hair. Go and look at the pictures just to get an idea what I'm talking about. Purple dreadlocks. Fantastic.



Lloydd said…
The Simpsons Movie was good, but Hairspray is better.
Lloyd Prime said…
Just seen Transformers. It was good.

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