Talked to Kerr, who I liked. Got to talk to talk and then tomorrow they rang. Will know by Mun.

Andy Lawson, the bloke who does The Bay's drive time show, has amazing hair. It's long and purple. Brilliant. I remember the mixture of confusion, anger, jealousy and pride I felt when my mate Gareth had a moheikan hairstyle at school. It totally f#cked my mind at the time. Like I say, initially I was really confused. Then I was annoyed at him. I couldn't understand why I was annoyed at him, partly because I was still profoundly confused. Then as the confusion cleared I realised the irritation was caused by jealousy. I knew I'd never have the balls to make a big statement like that. I sort of wanted to but it's not in me. The most I could do was grow my hair long and pretend that was a bit freaky and cool. It wasn't. I was playing at it, my mate Gareth had been and gone and proved it. It was around then that the pride started to bloom. MY mate Gareth. Yeah, so there. That bloke, yeah, he's one of my mates.

Poor Gareth however was, I think, given stern words* at school. How dare he cut his hair differently? It's insane when you think about it. It's HIS hair. Who gives a flying f#ckball how he wants to wear it? Ridiculous.

I guess the teachers were playing out the role as they saw fit.

Actually, that leads me on to a bit of a rant. Years ago I remember watching a TV show called 'Teachers'. It was, as I remembered, a harmless and occasionally amusing sit-com / soap about some Teachers who taught in a secondary school. They were all young wacky f#ckers who got up to japes. I liked it. Watched it again recently and it turns out it was a piece of sh#t. Hasn't aged well at all. Not at all.

It's the best example I can think of where a comedy has aged really f#cking badly. Can you top it? Whack an answer in the comments section.


*Possibly more, I can't remember.


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